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Why Do I Do What I Don't Want to Do?

Used:  $3.75

Author: William D. Backus, Marie Chapian

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 141

ISBN10: 0871236257
ISBN13: 9780871236258

Category: General Christian

Publisher: Bethany House Pub
May 1984

William Backus, Ph.D., founded the Center for Christian Psychological Services. Before his death in 2005, he was a licensed clinical psychologist and an ordained Lutheran clergyman. He wrote many books, including the bestselling "Telling Yourself the Truth" (coauthored with Marie Chapian).

Marie Chapian is a Christian counselor and author or coauthor of more than thirty books, including the bestsellers "Telling Yourself the Truth" and "Free to Be Thin". She founded Marie Chapian Ministries in 1982 to teach and equip the body of Christ. She lives in Southern California.

Condition: Very Good.

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