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What in the World is Going On?: 10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Used:  $4.00

Author: David Jeremiah

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 304

ISBN10: 0849921473
ISBN13: 9780849921476

Category: General Christian

Publisher: Nelson Books an imprint of Thomas Nelson Publishers
Mar 2009

Is the current economic and political crisis actually prophesied in the Bible? If so, what are we to do about it? It is hard to piece together all this information in a way that gives a comprehensive picture of what the end times will look like. Thats why so many theories abound.And thats why Dr. David Jeremiah has writtenWhat In the World Is Going On?,a unique book that cuts through the hundreds of books and numerous theories to identify the essential 10 most important bible prophecies.There is no other book like this. Youll find it the ultimate study tool for understanding the future. Youll have a greater sense of comfort that, even in these crazy times, God is indeed in control. If bible prophecy as always been a mystery to you, Dr. Jeremiahs book will help you solve the mystery. At last, bible prophecy can make sense, and make a difference. Its never been more important. What In the World Is Going On? is shocking and eye-opening but essential reading in these turbulent days.

Brings bible prophecy to light on:

- The oil crisis
- The resurgence of Russia
- The new axis of evil
- The importance of Israel
- The new powers of the European Union

Condition: Good.

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