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Walking With God in America: Experiencing God's Blessings in the Beauty of America

Used:  $8.00

Author: Ken Duncan

Edition: --

Binding: Hardcover w/DJ

Pages: 176

ISBN10: 1404105131
ISBN13: 9781404105133

Category: General Christian

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Mar 2008


A renowned photographer combines breathtaking pictures with with scriptures and spiritual reflection to take the reader on an awe-filled journey that leads to one conclusion: God has blessed America.

When photographer and author Ken Duncan traveled through all fifty states to capture America, he discovered more than mere physical beauty. He witnessed spiritual beauty and heard inspiring stories that he's heartfelt compelled to share. Some of the stories are like modern day parables. Others are just good stories or funny anecdotes. Combined with scriptures and photography, the book is sure to inspire and encourage others as they walk with Jesus. Walking With God in America is divided by geography and includes photographs from every state in the nation.

Condition: LIKE NEW.

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