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Truth Unchanged Unchanging by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Used:  $5.00

Author: Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Lane T. Dennis

Edition: Very good condition.

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 128

ISBN10: 0891077065
ISBN13: 9780891077060

Publisher: Crossway Books
Mar 1993


What is man? What is wrong with the human race? Unless we answer these questions correctly, we cannot hope to solve the problems in our world--problems such as crime, exploitation, greed, poverty, pollution, and war. Obviously those who shape social policy today are offering the wrong answers. In this masterful apologetic for the gospel, Dr. Lloyd-Jones exposes these flaws in modern thinking, especially in the "scientific approach."

"It is a poor physician who treats the symptoms and complications only and ignores the disease" says the author. In this volume we see a doctor, as skillful spiritually as he was medically, make a penetrating diagnosis of the human condition and show decisively that the true remedy for our ills is in Jesus Christ--and Him alone.

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