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They Ride White Horses: The End of the Search for Significance

Used:  $6.75

Author: David Graham

Edition: --

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 192

ISBN10: 193641726X
ISBN13: 9781936417261

Category: General Christian

Publisher: PCG Legacy
Aug 2011

From the author of the song “In Moments Like These”…

A true story full of strong medicine for the eighty percent who have struggled with their self-worth and identity.

“The rider embodied confidence.… His countenance portrayed tremendous authority and complete peace.… I knew he was a prince. The only question that came to mind, shouted out with sorrow from deep inside me, was: Why can’t I be him?”

David Graham’s life took a sudden and unpleasant turn on a late winter day in 1982. Suffering an emotional collapse, the businessman and former pastor was thrown headlong into a fear-filled existence of confusion and introspection.

As David begged God to free him from anxiety, his life was about to be turned upside down again; this time by a dynamic new understanding of his place of importance and honor as one of God’s sons. A startling vision, a vivid dream, and an intimate, three-day encounter with the Holy Spirit convinced David of his inherent worth and freed him to truly live.

With warmth, wit, and wisdom, David tells his compelling story against the backdrop of the creation of the first children in Eden, his own beloved family, and Scripture.

They Ride White Horses is a message of healing and hope for all people―men and women, young and old―who have searched for true validation, that which only comes from the perfect, loving heavenly Father.

Condition: Very Good.

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