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The Vision A Two-in-one Volume Of The Final Quest And The Call

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Used:  $6.50

Author: Rick Joyner

Edition: --

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 384

ISBN10: 0785267336
ISBN13: 9780785267331

Category: General Christian

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Jan 2001


The Final Quest and The Call have become modern classics, selling more than a million copies. Now both books are available in this value-priced omnibus edition.

In The Final Quest Rick Joyner writes about visions and prophetic experiences that unfold the last battle between light and darkness. This book is a call for all Christians to take a stand for truth and righteousness in these troubled times.

The Call continues the message, offering a picture of the dawning of the day of the Lord and urging Christians to seize the opportunity to witness for Christ in the last days.

This two-in-one book is an exhortation for Christians to live in a manner worthy of the call of God and an inspiring vision of the wonderful plans God has in store for His people.

Condition: Very Good.

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