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The Unveiling: An Exhaustive Study of the Book of Revelation

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Used:  $8.00

Author: Keith Harris

Edition: --

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 496

ISBN10: 0937422487
ISBN13: 9780937422489

Category: Commentary

Publisher: Midnight Call
Sep 1999

Have you ever found yourself in this predicament? You are just about to finish the last few verses in the book of Jude; you know what's ahead...Revelation, the most "intimidating" book of the Bible. Nervously, you read slower. You've always been fascinated by the book, but never quite understood whether the contents should be interpreted literally or symbolically. Well, the time has arrive; The Unveiling is here! With this brilliant new commentary by Keith Harris, you can boldly approach the book of Revelation. The Unveiling is a verse-by-verse study of topics not normally ventured by today's theologians. Your pilgrimage begins with an unbiased definition of the eschatological views formed from this immensely prophetic book and continues with a page by page expository study of every verse in the last book of the Bible. Everything you ever wanted to know about the book of Revelation is unveiled in this jam-packed reference book! Unveiled... The background and significance of the seven churches addressed in John's letter. Unveiled... What each color of the stones adorning the wall of the new Jerusalem represent. Unveiled... The signs surrounding the appearance of Antichrist and start of the Great Tribulation. These are just a few of the many topics discussed in The Unveiling. You will find answers to questions which may have troubled you for years. Not only does The Unveiling come with a complete verse-by-verse commentary, but it is also fully outlined, charted, indexed, and cross-referenced for easy access to any given portion of Revelation. The wait is over; the book is here, offering an excellent source of reference for the pastor, theologian and layman. Your Christian library will not be complete without it!

Condition: Very Good.

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