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The Shadow Women

Used:  $5.00

Author: Angela Elwell Hunt

Binding: hardcover w/DJ

Pages: 336

ISBN10: 0446530115
ISBN13: 9780446530118

Category: Fiction Adult

Publisher: Warner Faith
Nov 2002

Under the shadow of ancient Egypt, a baby boy is born to a peasant woman. His young sister leaves him in a basket in a river, hiding in the rushes to watch over him until a princess comes to claim the child as her own. She names him Moses, and he grows to become a man whose life is characterised by violence and terror, but equally by faith, and whose sacrifice ultimately leads to the redemption and liberation of his people from slavery. Told from the perspective of the women who loved him, from his mother and sister, who saved him by giving him up, to the Egyptian princess who adopted him, to the shepherd's daughter he married, this epic novel of passion and intrigue offers a fresh perspective on the man who received the 10 Commandments, parted the Red Sea and lead God's people out of Egypt: Moses, one of the most enigmatic figures in Biblical history.

Condition: Good.

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