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The Riches of Grace!: The Good News to the Believer! God's answer to "Why am I here?"

Used:  $4.00

Author: **Signed by Author Dave Hutchinson

Edition: --

Binding: hardcover W/DJ

Pages: 124

ISBN10: 1449023649
ISBN13: 9781449023645

Category: General Christian

Publisher: AuthorHouse
Sep 2009

What is life all about? Why am I here? Who do I see when I look in the mirror? It is not a mystery who you are in Christ and what your future holds. God has great blessings for us. God has declared His plan for the redeemed and it is excitingly good news! These blessings are free to the believer, having been paid for by Christ! These blessings are "The Riches of Grace!" Dave Hutchinson ...this book has changed my thinking about my righteousness before God. Previously, I attempted to live a godly Christian life, only to feel that I had missed the mark and had come up short. My infantile human efforts to be holy before God, only allowed me to obtain human results. By realizing that Christ has presented me, by His sacrifice on the cross for my sins, a pure white vessel before God the Father, I now realize that God sees me, through Jesus Christ, as a son. This understanding makes me desire to please and serve Him more, and rest in the knowledge that I am truly a precious and holy son of God. Jim Bond Your book reminds me much of the excellent teaching of the Word from Pastor Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, Jon Courson, Gayle Erwin...I sense the hand of the Holy Spirit on what you have written...Larry Fisher This book needs to be in the hands of every new believer. It will clearly teach them the fullness of grace and the power of Christ that is in each of us, launching new disciples with power and purpose. Matthew Barrett Dave, you have worked the blessings (Riches) of God into a lesson about how one should react to the Lord and grow in their Christian walk...Jim Harding

Condition: Very Good.

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