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The Lady's Confession (MacDonald / Phillips series)

Used:  $4.00

Author: George MacDonald

Edition: --

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 251

ISBN10: 0871238810
ISBN13: 9780871238818

Category: Fiction Adult

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Apr 1986

**Tanned pages**
A companion volume to The Curate's Awakening (though both stories are complete in themselves), this is the story of Lady Juliet, now living in the same town as the Curate, Thomas Wingfold. The town doctor, Paul Faber, considers himself an atheist. But he is charming and likeable, and he seems to have his life in order without God. Juliet and Paul fall in love and seem to be destinged for a life of happiness and service to others. But then Paul discovers a secret from her past he cannot accept.

Condition: Fair.

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