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The Calvary Road - 1971 Vintage Edition

Used:  $4.00

Author: Roy Hession

Edition: Stg

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 134

ISBN13: 9780875082363

Category: General Christian

Publisher: CLC Publications

A short, simple, but powerful book, “The Calvary Road” is an amazing manual about practical Christianity. If followed, the principles in this book will perpetually change your life by helping you receive more of God than ever before by consistently surrendering to Him than ever before. One of the best books on grace every written, “The Calvary Road” has changed many lives for the better over the years. The themes of humility, confession, and brokenness, as discussed so well by Hession, are important to any Christian. Every Christian should have this in their library. It teaches about how much the Lord really does want to help us, and most importantly how much He really does want to be with us on an individual level.

Condition: Very Good.

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