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The Answers Book: The 20 Most-Asked Questions About Creation, Evolution & the Book of Genesis Answered! Revised & Expanded Edition

Used:  $4.00

Author: Don Batten, Ken Ham, Jonathan Sarfati, Carl Wieland

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 208

ISBN10: 0890511616
ISBN13: 9780890511619

Category: Apologetics

Publisher: Master Books
Oct 1990

The Revised Answers Book addresses 20 of the most-asked questions on Genesis and the creation/evolution issue. Among the questions answered:

• Does God exist?
• What about the arguments for evolution?
• Were the nephilim extra-terrestrial?
• Was the flood global?
• Where are all the human fossils?
• How did the animals fit on Noah's ark?
• Did God really take six days?
• What about carbon-dating?
• How can we see distant stars in a young universe?
• How did bad things come about?
• Who was Cain's wife?
• How did animals get to Australia?
• How did all the "races" arise?
• What happened to the dinosaurs?
• What can I do?

Condition: Very Good.

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