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Surprised by Worship: Discovering the Presence of God Where You Least Expect It

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Author: Travis Cottrell

Edition: --

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 160

ISBN10: 0310330351
ISBN13: 9780310330356

Category: Worship

Publisher: Zondervan
Oct 2010

It may come as the good news you've been waiting for, an unhappy e-mail from a friend, a near miss on the freeway, special recognition you weren't expecting, or a scary diagnosis from the doctor. No matter the circumstance -- in every surprise of life -- a celebration can happen. An uplifting, meaningful, life-changing celebration of worship. Building on an amazing Introduction by Beth Moore, her co-laborer and worship leader for Living Proof Live!, Travis Cottrell shows you how to fully experience God's presence at surprising times and places. By joining Travis in this exploration of biblical and modern-day examples of people who were surprised by worship during life's travails and triumphs, you'll discover greater meaning in your own circumstances. God's voice can be heard, His hand can be felt, and His heart can be seen. Especially when you least expect it. Open yourself to Him...and get ready to be surprised.

Condition: LIKE NEW.

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