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Preaching for God's Glory (Redesign) (Today's Issues)

Used:  $1.00

Author: Alistair Begg

Edition: Redesign

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 64

ISBN10: 1433522535
ISBN13: 9781433522536

Category: General Christian

Publisher: Crossway
Apr 2011


Seasoned pastor Alistair Begg observes that much of what is said from today’s pulpits cannot be counted as Bible-based, God-glorifying, and life-changing. Rather than preparing a steady diet of spiritual meat, pastors are mistakenly serving up a self-focused snack—ultimately leaving congregations malnourished and ill prepared to stand firm when their faith is challenged.

Recognizing the need for a return to biblical preaching, Begg has written this practical book, outlining the nature of power-filled, expository preaching and demonstrating its importance in the life of the church.

Condition: Very Good.

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