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Powers: Testing the Psychic and Supernatural

Used:  $4.00

Author: Dan Korem

Edition: --

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 232

ISBN10: 0830812776
ISBN13: 9780830812776

Category: CULTS

Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Aug 1988

The psychic points and the pencil moves. The mind reader knows your thoughts. The psychic detective finds a missing body. Do people have powers beyond our understanding? Are there forces unknown to science? Dan Korem, a professional magician turned investigative journalist, has made a career of unraveling the mystery behind paranormal activity. Millions have watched him expose false claims of supernatural power in his television special "Psychic Confession." Likewise in this book he exhibits shrewd discernment derived from an inside knowledge of his craft. But does exposing such psychics preclude the possibility of the supernatural? Korem takes his exploration one step further. He looks closely at the most famous supernatural event of all time--the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. In this book you will read about: **"Cold Reading"--how psychics know you just by looking; **Telekinesis--how to move objects without touching them; **Psychic Detectives--how they solve crimes; **James Hydrick--how Korem unmasked one of the world's top "psychics"; and **The Resurrection--a fresh look at an old claim. Here is a riveting account of how today's psychics fool us, why an investigative journalist has exposed them, and why he still believes in the supernatural. Dan Korem has invested fifteen years of research into supernatural claims. He is a noted speaker, author of numerous books on magic, and the producer of the film, KID TRICKS, that teaches children about deception and discernment.

Condition: Good.

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