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Out From Darkness: One Man's Extraordinary Escape from Satanic Power

Used:  $5.00

Author: Ben Alexander

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 210

ISBN10: 0963407104
ISBN13: 9780963407108


Publisher: Miranda Press
Mar 1993

The air in the room grew suddenly cold and someone said the conditions were good for the spirits to contact us. We sat there with our hands held out, palms up, as this is supposed to be the source of the energy force that goes towards the medium. There was an air of expectancy. Suddenly the curtain around the medium opened and a strange face showed itself. I will never forget that face. It was very white and etheric-looking. It was certainly not the face of the medium. When I saw it I prayed in my heart, 'God, thank you for showing me life after death.' Little did I know that I had come face to face with a demon of the Prince of Darkness!

Condition: Very Good.

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