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Ministry Of Intercession

Used:  $6.75

Author: Andrew Murray

Edition: --

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 768

ISBN10: 0883686678
ISBN13: 9780883686676

Category: General Christian

Publisher: Whitaker House
May 2001

When it comes to ministry, are you feeling left out? Too old? Too young? Too inexperienced? Bored? As if you've been passed over? Discover with Andrew Murray that prayer is the most dynamic opportunity available to God's children today. It not only strengthens our own faith and energizes our times with God, but it also enables us to intercede for others with tremendous results. Through intercessory prayer we can help to usher in the anointing, launch revival, and bring God's kingdom into tangible reality. Encounter the high calling and powerful purpose that God has designed for you!

Condition: Very Good.

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