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Mary Magdalene: A Novel

Used:  $5.00

Author: Diana Wallis Taylor

Edition: --

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 304

ISBN10: 0800720482
ISBN13: 9780800720483

Category: Fiction Adult

Publisher: Revell
Jun 2012

Long maligned as a prostitute or a woman of questionable reputation, Mary Magdalene's murky story seems lost to the sands of time. Now a portrait of this enigmatic woman comes to life in the hands of an imaginative master storyteller. Diana Wallis Taylor's Mary is a woman devastated by circumstances beyond her control and plagued with terrifying dreams--until she has a life-changing confrontation with the Savior.

Lovers of historical and biblical fiction will find this creative telling of Mary's story utterly original and respectful as it opens their eyes to the redeeming work of Christ in the lives of those who follow him.

Condition: LIKE NEW.

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