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Lies Women Believe: And the Truth That Sets Them Free

Used:  $6.75

Author: Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Edition: First Edition

Binding: Hardcover W/DJ

Pages: 283

ISBN10: 0802475973
ISBN13: 9780802475978

Category: General Christian

Publisher: Moody Pub
Apr 2001

Satan is the master deceiver, and his lies are endless. Are you burned out, overwhelmed, angry, confused or fearful? According to Nancy Leigh DeMoss, these emotions are the result of Satan's lies. Nancy tackles many of the falsehoods that enslave Christian women with alarming frequency and severity. Though she does not promise their problems will go away, she confronts the lies with practical truths found in Scripture that will help women begin to "walk through the realities of life in freedom and true joy."

Condition: Good.

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