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Led to Believe

Used:  $5.00

Author: Billy Graham

Edition: --

Binding: hardcover w/DJ

Pages: 176

ISBN10: 0824947266
ISBN13: 9780824947262

Category: General Christian

Publisher: GuidepostsBooks
Oct 2007


This book brings together the life and words of the preacher with the lives of those he touched, in chapters that present their voices side by side. As Billy Graham tells in his own words about his personal faith journey, his `faith in action` call to others comes alive in the true experiences of those who were changed by him. Billy Graham has touched the hearts and souls of millions with his message of faith through over fifty years of his Crusades, radio broadcasts and best-selling books. His call appeals to each person in a unique way - and reaches one soul at a time. The personal recollections in this volume show changed hearts, renewed purpose, and, as Rev. Graham says, `what God can do with a person`.Here, among the many stories, a big league pitcher learns to look to God for strength; a young man finds the courage to turn his back on crime; and a teenager experiences complete physical healing. Reflections from those in Billy Graham`s closest circle Chr (45) Ruth Bell Graham, George Beverly Shea and Grady Wilson - give an intimate look at `the world`s preacher`. And as a final tribute, Billy Graham`s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, recalls a moment in her teenage life when her father`s love and concern taught her a moving lesson about her Heavenly Father. This special book is truly a unique and personal portrait of the man and his impact on the world.

Condition: LIKE NEW.

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