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Holy Moments: Recognizing God's Fingerprints on Your Life

Used:  $3.50

Author: Lenya Heitzig

Edition: --

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 138

ISBN10: 0830742875
ISBN13: 9780830742875

Category: General Christian

Publisher: Regal
Nov 2006

It happens to everyone: an “aha moment,” an epiphany, or serendipity. But perhaps we didn’t recognize it was no coincidence; rather, it was a “holy moment,” God at work in the details of everyday life. Maybe it was a timely phone call, a chance meeting, an unexpected windfall or a friend saying something when needed. Holy moments happen all the time! It’s up to us, however, to recognize them. Lenya Heitzig knows how to search out these holy moments, and she wants to help others spot them, too. Through personal stories, Scripture and beautiful photography, she explores ways to see God’s presence in ordinary events and occurrences. Then, in five biblical steps, she helps readers appreciate and recognize God at work. Find out how ordinary situations can have extraordinary outcomes through recognizing these simple holy moments!

Condition: Good.

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