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Heart of the Lonely Exile (An Emerald Ballad #2)

Used:  $6.00

Author: B. J. Hoff

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 382

ISBN10: 1556611110
ISBN13: 9781556611117

Category: Fiction Adult

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Jan 1991

The compelling sequel to Song of the Silent Harp!

Having escaped the famine that ravages their beloved Ireland, Nora Kavanagh and her son Daniel begin the difficult process of building a new life for themselves in America. Befriended by the wealthy Farmingtons and supported by the constant friendship of the injured Englishman, Evan Whittaker, Nora nevertheless finds herself caught in a conflict of the heart.

Michael Burke, the strong, competent Irish policeman, desperately wants to keep his promise to his best friend Morgan Fitzgerald that he will marry Nora and take care of her. But something in Nora resists his proposal, and she must decide whether to give in to Michael's urgings or find a different direction. Can she trust her heart?

In the midst of Nora's personal struggle, the heartaches from the old country continue to plague her. Will she ever overcome her grief and find peace?

Heart of the Lonely Exile continues the saga of the Kavanagh pilgrimage a journey of the soul in a strange new land, where all those who are exiles and aliens must find their true home.

Condition: Good.

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