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GraceNotes - 365 Daily Devotionals

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Author: Jim Stephens

Edition: --

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 392

ISBN10: 1613799268
ISBN13: 9781613799260

Category: Devotional

Publisher: Xulon Press
Aug 2011

I invite you to join me on a year-long journey through God's Book. Let's walk together through the days of our lives and the stories of God's heroes, near heroes, and ordinary people just like us. I know of nothing that has greater potential to deepen your faith and help you align your life with God's purpose. God will be more real to you as you realize how close He is to you each day. • Let's Read together. Each devotional is based on a reading shown at the top of the page for that day. • Let's Apply together. Read the scripture passage for the day and think about how it can apply to your life. • Let's Pray together. I invite you to pray a prayer with me asking God to use his word to work in our lives each day. • Let's Learn, grow, and change together. Jim Stephens is a Bible teacher, pastor, and missionary. Jim has planted and led churches in the US and served as a missionary pastor. For nearly two decades, Jim and his wife Jean served as missionaries in Jamaica and the UK, training leaders and establishing Bible Training Centers. They have both ministered extensively in East, Central, and southern Africa where their Foundation for Christian Service course is in wide use for lay leadership training. More recently, Jim and Jean served as District Administrators for churches in Oregon and Idaho and as staff pastors of Westside Church in Bend, Oregon. Jim and Jean have two daughters; Stephanie married to Philip Smith, and Melissa married to Colin Blackett, and three delightful grandsons. Jim is happy in his current season of life, which involves less travel and more grandparenting! Jim lives with his wife Jean and his dog Buddy in Central Oregon.

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