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Gods Gift Of Perfection - Andrew Murray

Used:  $3.50

Author: Andrew Murray

Edition: Very Good Condition.

Binding: Paperback

ISBN10: 0883683938
ISBN13: 9780883683934

Publisher: Whitaker House
Jan 1996

Perfection as Andrew Murray explains is not some intangible level of existence that sounds good in theory but does not translate into the everyday life of a Christian. It is obtainable.
God has made divine provision for each of us to become perfect. We can experience the godly perfection available to all of us. By following this teaching you twill be able to readily practice the Lord's teaching on how to be perfect.
As a result, you will see a dramatic change in your quiet time, in your prayer life, in your love for the body of Christia and in your understanding of the Word.

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