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Gods Best Secrets Andrew Murray

Used:  $6.50

Author: Andrew Murray

Edition: --

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 298

ISBN10: 0883685590
ISBN13: 9780883685594

Category: Devotional

Publisher: Whitaker House
Feb 1999

From the Scriptures, Andrew Murray found out that every Christian can expect God to reveal Himself in an intimate, powerful, refreshing way. In these uplifting pages, Murray shares the personal revelation that he gained from spending quiet time alone with God. As you reflect on the thoughts presented here, you will discover the keys to experiencing God's abiding presence, success in witnessing to others, joy in fellowship with the heavenly Father, and abundant life in Christ. You will discover that God has already granted you everything that you will ever need, and He delights in saying "yes" to you!

Condition: Very Good.

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