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Every Day With Jesus - Forty Years of Favorite Devotions -Gift Edition

Used:  $10.00

Author: Greg Laurie

Binding: Leather Bound

Pages: 335

ISBN10: 1612916481
ISBN13: 9781612916484

Category: General Christian

Publisher: Kerygma/AllenDavid
Nov 2013

Like New - No markings - Gift Edition.
The words every day have come to mean common or ordinary. But there is nothing remotely common or ordinary about an every-day encounter with Jesus Christ. Far from it! Walking with the living Son of God through the ups and downs and ins and outs of daily circumstances does not just add value to life, it completely transforms it. Seeking and finding God in the course of a normal, three-dimensional day adds a fourth dimension: eternity. In the pages of God s Word, we begin to grasp an eternal perspective that changes everything we experience. It isnt like getting a new pair of glasses, it s like getting a new pair or eyes. Through his teaching, preaching, and numerous books, Greg Laurie has been leading people into the adventure of knowing Christ and understanding the Bible for over forty years. The readings in this book will kindle a new or renewed hunger to spend time in God s Word and experience the life of His Son. In this full-year devotional of 312 daily readings, Greg Laurie gives readers a taste of Scripture that will enhance their hunger for more and more wisdom and perspective from God s Word and rekindle a desire to seek the Lord s constant presence.

Condition: LIKE NEW.

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