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Bible Has The Answer

Used:  $6.00

Author: Henry M. Morris

Edition: Very Good - No markings

Binding: Paperback

ISBN10: 0801059054
ISBN13: 9780801059056

Publisher: Baker Pub Group
Jun 1981


How do we know the Bible is true? Why did God create the universe? How will we spend eternity?

Neglecting and rejecting God?s Word has its consequences: abortion, AIDS, troubled relationships, crime, immorality, personal freedoms ? the Bible is vital in solving (and preventing) the very real problems facing people today. Will all men eventually be saved? How can I know God?s will? Is a Christian supposed to obey the government? Why did God create Satan? Is the end of the world near?

There are many questions today that demand answers in our daily lives; we can?t avoid them. After reading this book, you?ll clearly see answers to questions such as these, and others that affect our Christian walk.

400 pages 5-1/4 X 8-1/4 Paperback

Henry Morris, Ph.D. , (deceased) earned the title, ?The Father of Modern Creationism,? through with his numerous writings about the creation/evolution debate. He was a respected scientist and wrote, textbook author and the founder of the Institute for Creation Research in California.

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