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Used:  $5.00

Author: David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Edition: --

Binding: White Paperback

Pages: 96

ISBN10: 0851513867
ISBN13: 9780851513867

Category: General Christian

Publisher: Banner of Truth
Feb 1984

There is a crisis of authority in society today. All inherited authority is suspect, being regarded as incompatible with man's freedom. Yet what has resulted is a disordered and dehumanized society. But the source of this confusion lies in the church itself. The authority of the Bible has been called in question and commonly today the church is left without any sense of divine authority. Dr. Lloyd-Jones faces this issue as he discusses the only road to recovery. We must reassert the divine authority of Christ, of his Word and of his Spirit or face 'the blackness of darness forever'.

Condition: Very Good.

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