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A Left-Handed History of the World

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Author: Ed Wright

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Binding: Paperback

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ISBN10: 0760787042
ISBN13: 9780760787045

Category: Secular

Publisher: Pier 9
Mar 2017

Julius Caesar and Isaac Newton were left-handed. So are Paul McCartney and Bill Gates. Intriguingly, a disproportionate number of U.S. presidents have also been lefties.
Why is it that such a high number of left-handed people factor in influential moments through history? Through fascinating case studies of notables from ancient to modern times, Ed Wright explains the secret of lefty success. Psychology meets history in this enlightening and entertaining look being left-handed and its effects on our world.

The list of successful and influential people of the 'sinister nation' - from Alexander the Great to Joan of Arc, Henry Ford to Jimi Hendrix -will wow both left- and right-handers. Exploring the defining character traits of these and other famous lefties, we discover how much the world has gained from those who look at life from the other side.

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